Mechanical Engineering

To Ensure Mechanical Projects Are Well Designed, We Consider…

  • Expected Load for Usage: We account for the heating and cooling loads of a space based on how people will be using the space.
  • Expected Load for Building Type: We consider the heating and cooling loads of a building based on the project location, building orientation, and construction type.
  • Equipment Location: We assess the areas inside and outside of the building to understand where best to locate HVAC equipment for both design and functionality.


So Others Can Enjoy Spaces That Are…

  • Comfortable and Reliable: To maximize the comfort of occupants, we ensure properly sized HVAC systems are designed to maintain spaces at a comfortable temperature and humidity level, provide an adequate amount of fresh air, and are reliable all year round.
  • Energy Efficient: With HVAC systems accounting for a significant portion of a building’s energy usage, we explore each part of the system to identify ways to improve energy efficiency. Designing systems that best match the buildings heating, cooling and ventilation loads is only one part of preventing unnecessary energy usage. The proper installation of the well-designed system is critical in ensuring that the system works effectively and is energy efficient.
  • Well Designed and Cost Efficient: We ensure cost efficient systems are installed to optimize duct routing and provide adequate conditioned air to each space while maintaining crucial design elements.


Let’s Work Together

As one of the nation’s premier mechanical engineering firms, VP Engineering understands complex mechanical engineering principles and strives to make them as clear and accessible as possible. Contact us to discuss your next mechanical engineering project.