Technology Design

To Ensure Technology Projects Are Well Designed, We Consider…

  • Overall Building Design: We account for Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) room locations, fiber connectivity for service provider and owner equipment, and exterior door access control for stairwells, breezeways, etc.
  • Site Plan Design: Our designs focus on technology needs for service provider connection points, entry locations, and multi-building fiber connectivity.
  • Unit Design: In individual units we consider TV mount locations and options, wired connections for desks and other media devices, and smart panels for service provider connections.
  • Amenity Design: Our technology designs cover TV and data drop locations, wireless networking surveillance camera locations, and requirements for package rooms, audio-visual needs and access control with considerations for location, use, functionality and installation.
  • Courtyard Design: In outdoor areas our designs account for outdoor TVs and speakers, access control on pool gates or other gated areas, emergency phones, surveillance cameras and wireless network access.


So Others Can Enjoy Spaces That Are…

  • Well Thought Out and Cross Functional: We coordinate with Electrical and Mechanical Design to ensure adequate power and heating/cooling needs for all spaces.
  • Coordinated with Service Providers: We determine which providers serve the area, and with which type of service (Fiber, Cable Modem, Wireless), to ensure ease of use and consistent service.
  • Safe and Compliant: We prioritize technological safety, ensuring your system meets all safety standards and regulations.


Let’s Work Together

As one of the nation’s premier technology engineering firms, VP Engineering understands complex technology engineering principles and strives to make them as clear and accessible as possible. Contact us to discuss low voltage/technology solutions designed to help protect your assets and safely minimize operational risk and disruptions to your business.