Electrical Engineering

To Ensure Electrical Projects Are Well Designed, We Consider…

  • Expected Load for Usage: We calculate and plan for the precise electrical load required for your facility, ensuring it can handle your equipment and lighting needs.
  • Code Requirements: We stay current with ever-changing electrical codes and meticulously incorporate the latest code requirements into our designs.
  • Technology Integration: We stay up to date with the latest advancements in electrical equipment and technology to provide cutting-edge solutions and optimize your system’s efficiency and performance.
  • Design and Cost Efficiency: We design electrical systems that offer value for your investment while balancing technical excellence and cost-effectiveness.


So Others Can Enjoy Spaces That Are…

  • Reliable and Functional: Our calculated approach guarantees that when you flip the switch, your lights, appliances, and equipment operate seamlessly.
  • Safe and Compliant: We prioritize electrical safety, ensuring your system meets all safety standards and regulations.
  • Energy Efficient: Our efficient designs help minimize energy consumption and reduce your operating costs.


Let’s Work Together

As one of the nation’s premier electrical engineering firms, VP Engineering understands complex electrical engineering principles and strives to make them as clear and accessible as possible. Contact us to discuss your next electrical engineering project.