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To Ensure ERRCS / DAS Projects Are Well Designed, We Consider…

  • Current ERRCS Signals: We test Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems (ERRCS) and Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) within the building to determine if a system exists or needs to be installed to meet code.
  • Current Fire Code: We account for all required tests to ensure buildings meet and surpass local fire codes.
  • Optimal Antenna Placement: We determine the optimal location for the donor antenna, the best signal strength, and establish if the signal will perform best located on the ground or roof of a structure.
  • Location of Equipment: We establish where the head-end equipment should be located, if it will be adequately distributed throughout the building, and whether a chase is needed for the backbone cabling.
  • Type of System Required: We determine how many internal antennas are required, and whether the system will perform better with copper or fiber materials.


So Others Can Enjoy Spaces That Are…

  • Verified for Safety: Our ERRCS / DAS installation ensures a verified signal for emergency responders that covers at least 90% of the building.
  • Certified for Occupancy: We account for all Grid Tests as required to pass code and ensure a Certificate of Occupancy.


Let’s Work Together

Contact us for a preliminary ERRCS / DAS assessment. If it’s determined ERRCS / DAS is required, the VP Engineering team will completely design your system, provide all necessary shop drawings and documentation, install the system, and perform post-installation grid tests to verify adequate coverage.