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Is your MEP consultant covering everything you need?

August 15, 2016

Engineers are known for their innate problem solving skills, particularly their technical problem solving skills. We have the ability to tune out all background noise and focus like a laser on the issue at hand. We hammer away at the problem until it’s solved, then smile at our own ingenuity and bask in the warm glow of accomplishment.  But, like all things in life, there is a price to pay for this ability. Our focused problem solving skills have a holistic expense. Deadlines, attentiveness, coordination, responsiveness, and communication all tend to take a back seat for an engineer when he’s in problem solving mode.

Find a competent engineer by asking these questions.

It goes without saying that your MEP consultant has to be a good and competent engineer who can solve your problems. But, make sure their focused attention doesn’t cause other problems for you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1.       Has my engineer given me a realistic deadline, and, most importantly, does she have a track record of meeting deadlines?
  2.       Does my engineer coordinate with the other trades in his office and 3rd party consultants?  Does he coordinate effectively?
  3.       Has my engineer thought about what he needs from me and my client and asked for that information in advance?
  4.       Is my engineer accessible and does she respond to my emails and voicemails in a timely manner?
  5.       Does my engineer apply communication critical judgement and know when to call and when to email?  Is the communication clear and concise?
  6.       Does my engineer prioritize well and allow time in her schedule for the unexpected to occur?

If you’re looking for a competent MEP consultant, we can help. Contact us today for more information.