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Appreciation in a Time of Angst: How Our Team Found the Positives Amid a Pandemic

December 17, 2020
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In November, we asked our employees to dig deep and find the silver-linings in a year plagued by a pandemic. This month, we challenged them to dig even deeper and identify even more things they’ve truly come to appreciate despite the mental, financial and physical curveballs COVID-19 has thrown us all. Some of the answers will surprise you; others will make you grin, but all will paint the same picture: We’re thankful to have made it through this difficult year and are looking forward to a brighter 2021 for our families, our friends, and our clients like you.

Хρóνια Πολλá (Merry Christmas) and Happy New Year from all of us at VP Engineering!


I was able to marry my best friend. My golf game has improved significantly. I no longer feel the need to travel every weekend which is saving me money.
Dustin Martin, Electrical Designer

I’m grateful for the extra 2+ hours a day I used to put into a commute. [I now use it to get] laundry done along with other household chores. This frees up time on the weekend to actually relax and put that extra time into my family. It’s also nice to have office animals, but sometimes the Parrot gets too loud or the cat chases the “mouse” on the screen. Not great co-workers to have!
Katie Cothern, Director of Operations

Discovering banana bread.
John Papadimitropoulos

Working from home has made my life a lot easier. I save almost 1-1.5 hours off my commute and now utilize this time to exercise, run and engage in other sporting activities like tennis, badminton and cricket. Working from home gives me more flexibility to work at any time and what’s most important is I can dress in comfortable clothing!
Ketan Ameta, Electrical Designer

I’m grateful for a few things: I’m thankful for family and how in a time of social distancing we’ve grown closer in a way we haven’t before. I’m very grateful for my job…COVID has devastated people with losing their jobs and [VP’s leadership] was able to keep everyone employed and receiving a regular paycheck. Thank You!
Trey Brower, Plumbing Designer III 

Even though I enjoy coming into the office and working with people in person, I enjoy the freedom of being able to work from home.  Our weekly, monthly and quarterly video calls still allow us to keep in touch and feel like we are all part of a company while staying safe as possible.
Sanjay Patel, Project Manager

I’m thankful for the ability to work from home and spend more time with my family, but I miss my work family!
Kosta Pappas, VP of Operations and Business Development

Despite all the negative surrounding COVID there have been many positives for my family. Everyday my husband and I get to spend more time than we ever would have with our son that we welcomed into the world in April. Neither of us have had to miss milestones or changes that seem to happen overnight. We have also had the chance to focus on our relationship and growing as a partnership and friends … There is no denying the negative toll COVID has taken but we are also forever grateful for what this time has also allowed us. We are very blessed.”
Paige Fondrie, Accounting/Marketing Admin Assistant


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