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15 Reasons Why VP Engineering Loves Our Clients

September 5, 2018
Two men shaking hands in an office.
We consider ourselves fortunate to work with the clients we do.  They’re the best in their fields.  So to honor them and further celebrate our 15 years in business, we thought what better way to express how grateful we are for their continued partnership than to list the top 15 reasons why we love them.
  1. They Share Our Team Mentality.
    Rather than functioning as separate entities, our clients recognize that if we work together as a team, the project will be better for it.
  2. They Push Us to Be Our Best.
    Our clients expect us to be on top of our game. If there is room for improvement, they won’t hesitate to send suggestions our way. In fact, this is something we encourage!
  1. They Make Our Lives Easier.
    Being the middleman between our company and the project owners, our clients filter through the details and send us only the important ones.
  1. They Have Our Backs.
    When a problem arises, they don’t point fingers. Instead, they jump on board to help us come up with a solution.
  1. They’re Fun to Be Around.
    Whether it’s at a networking event, grabbing a beer at a local brewery, or at a site visit, they’re a good time. We even choose to spend time with them outside of work!
  1. They’re Quick to Compliment.
    If something is going particularly well during a project, our clients are sure to let us know. It’s a fantastic way to keep the team encouraged and on track.
  1. They’re a Great Source of Knowledge.
    Our clients are among the greatest thought-leaders in our industry. Their years of experience and innovative thinking make them incredible resources.
  1. They’re Great to Golf With.
    But let’s face it, the architects always win.
  1. Their Offices Are Inspirational!
    With interior designers and architects on staff, our client’s offices are at the forefront of design and architectural trends. We love taking inspiration from their exceptional spaces!
  1. They Trust Us.
    While MEP systems aren’t typically the “fancy” part of the projects, it is imperative that they work. Our clients trust that not only will we send them solid designs, we’ll provide them with great service at the same time.
  1. They’re Artists.
    If you left architecture up to an engineer, all buildings would likely be rectangular boxes.
  1. They’ve Got Skills.
    People skills, that is. Our clients are great at bringing together design and construction experts to create projects of which we all can be proud.
  1. They Take Us to Places We’ve Never Been.
    Our clients come from all over the world.  We’re thrilled when a project takes us to a new location, whether its Turks and Caicos or the California coast.
  1. They Share Our Values.
    Honesty and openness. Professionalism. Empathy and respect. Integrity. Responsiveness.  These values guide us, and our clients, too.  It’s how we’ve accomplished all we have together in our 15 years in the M/E/P business.
  1. They Ignite Our Enthusiasm.
    Our client’s passion for their work is contagious.  It ignites our own excitement, propelling us to deliver the exceptional results our clients deserve.